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The Provider Services division of KPG was created around a fundamental point of differentiation – geographic expertise. KPG’s consultants offer diversity in their service, but unified behind a consistent theme of working with the best providers and the top organizations in California and the West Coast. Our mission focuses around relationship building and an understanding of short and long-term interests from all of our clients. KPG continues to defy industry assumptions and norms, paving the way towards a superior service to California’s elite provider network.

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Emerson Nagle – President

I have spent my entire 15-year career within the staffing and recruiting industry, working with healthcare professionals of all levels. Specializing in developing businesses and building teams, KPG offered me the opportunity to create something from a blank canvas and thus, KPG Provider Services was born. Knowledgeable service, transparency, fair rates, solution-based thinking, pragmatism, don’t have to be lost in today’s service. My mission became creating the most talented team that could bring an unparalleled service to California’s organizations and providers. I am an animal lover, exercise and health enthusiast, traveling enthusiast and a Carlsbad native. Contact me with any feedback or questions on our services.

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Meet our Team:


Natasha Grundeis – Director

The great environment, surrounded by great people, helping providers find better positions, and serving as a resource to candidates and clients is why I enjoy my position. My goal is to make good deals and build relationships in order to offer the best possible service. In my spare time I enjoy horseback riding.

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Pablo Di Carlo – Senior Manager

I love my job because I get the opportunity to help Providers everyday by making positive difference in their lives. This can be by increasing their overall compensation or helping them attain a better work/life balance. Being a great consultant means understanding the Providers perfect work scenario and go above and beyond to achieve it. Taking time to understanding each individual’s goals and career path is a key component. I am ambidextrous and can write perfect with both hands!

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Mike Le – Consulting Manager

I thrive off the challenges that each new day can bring. Speaking with different providers, understanding their needs and interests, and finding ways to be a valuable resource for their short-term and career goals. With each endeavor, we have a chance to help someone identify a new opportunity or expand their professional network, ultimately reaching more patients in need of care and giving back to the communities around us. Listening is the key to uncovering potential.

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Becca Frumkin – Manager

I like my job because no two days are the exact same, it presents challenges and I am able to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I am focused on building relationships, getting results and making things happen. I can do a back flip.

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Matt Andres – Manager

I like the people I work with. We rely on each other heavily to get top results. Without them I couldn’t do what I do. Details and extensive follow up are essential, and lots of coffee. I like watches, second hand books, and Cuban coffee.

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Samantha Chessman – Senior Manager

My job is a breeze because I have the absolute best team in the world. When I’m working with a provider I explore every possibility to reach the greatest outcome in every situation. If we work together, you can bet on us finding your dream job – only better!  A fun fact is I was voted best smile in high school – give me a call to discuss opportunities and you might be able to see it through the phone!

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Liberty Hamilton– Client Services Manager

Dedicated, Determined & Driven.  If my name is not familiar now; it will be after we meet.  I’m dedicated to learn what you value and need, determined to keep that concept in the spotlight and driven to retain that expansion year after year for you.  These 3 factors best describe what you’ll get when you invest in me and KPG. Fun fact, I’m a self-proclaimed musicphile.   From Strauss to Stefani, Big Band to New Wave my heart loves it all./span>

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Cody Villamaino – Consultant

I enjoy learning about the unique talents of each provider I work with and finding them the best opportunity to utilize those talents to realize their full potential.  As a former clinician, I have a keen ability to understand a provider’s concerns, interests, and objectives. This allows me to make great matches that are beneficial to everyone.  A fun fact about me — I completed the Escape from Alcatraz Aquathlon.

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Meredith  McCullough – Senior Consultant

My job is exciting for many reasons, mostly for its dynamic nature – I never have a boring day!  I love interacting with our Physicians, Advanced Practitioners and clients – you each have unique stories, interests and needs; and I enjoy getting to know you and personalizing your job offerings accordingly.  I thrive on working through challenges to ensure that you’ll achieve your best possible results.  Most of all, I’ll be delighted to guide you to your next great adventure!  I am originally from West Virginia, spent several years in Colorado, including earning my MBA, and now in Los Angeles, in a place and job that I love.  A fun story about me – I once inadvertently stood toe-to-toe with an elephant while on African safari; it was simultaneously the most exhilarating and terrifying experience of my life.</span>

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Dylan Meeks – Consultant

I’ve been in the recruiting industry for about 12 years and healthcare has always been a focus of mine. I pride myself on the relationships I build with clients & candidates. As a new member of the KPG team, I look forward to this start of new journey. Fun fact: I was on a pilot episode for an MTV dating show.

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Shannon Munoz – Consultant

I like that my job provides flexibility. I’m able to mold my own desk independently and develop a solid track to success and stability. My attention to detail and ability to quickly assess situations makes me a recruiter to be reckoned with. A fun detail about me is I was the longest standing Woman’s Champion in a Dallas, TX wing eating contest from 2014-2017. I will reclaim my title.

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Mark Coffin – Physician Relations Manager

I’m a mid-west transplant who’s been living in Los Angeles for two years. I love the variety of culture in Southern California, but a fun fact about me might be that I genuinely miss the cold and unpredictable weather of Ohio. I love my job with KPG because I’m encouraged to be myself, and have the privilege of working with the best team of individuals in the West. I’m an avid music lover and when I’m not at the KPG Provider Services base, I’m likely recording in my home studio.

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Yorick Vega – Provider Networking Manager

The main reason I like my job is the environment I get to be in. The office is a place where everyone can be themselves and make things happen. The resources and the guidance that the managers and coworkers provide makes it a great environment. I live on a ranch with over 20 animals.

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Leticia Best Take

Leticia Brewster – Credentialing Manager

Credentialing is typically viewed as a check-the-box regulatory burden, but it is more than that here at KPG. It is about getting to know the provider, developing a relationship and finding ways to make the process stress-free. Generally, providers need to engage in a tedious, paper-based credentialing process before granted privileges. I love my job because this burden is greatly reduced with the help of me and my team! Also, through credentialing, patients are assured of their healthcare professional’s merit and experience which is important to me. When I am not assisting providers navigate the credentialing process, I am home sketching or at an art gallery.

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Michael Bruzzone – Consultant

For some things, automation will never be as effective as person-to-person communication. KPG gives me an outlet to provide that individualized service to providers who are likely tired of the usual staffing experience. I love taking on the unique challenges that come with matching our provider’s career goals with the needs of our clients. At the end of the day, we help people provide for their families and give communities access to awesome doctors – how could I not take pride in that? The creative environment here at KPG also allows me to apply the creativity I’ve developed through writing, drawing, cooking, and music toward a career that rewards thinking outside of the box!

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Stephanie Colbert – Consultant

I enjoy helping providers find their ideal employment situations. Physicians and Advanced Practitioners contribute so much to society, so it feels good to be able to assist them in finding their dream jobs. Being a part of a great team makes this process even more enjoyable. I’m an animal lover, and in my spare time I like going to the beach and hiking.

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Shannin Williams– Payroll/Billing

One thing that I love about my job is the environment that I work in and the people I get to work with. Fun fact about me is that my mom name me Shannin with an I because I was born on an (Irish) Holiday -Saint Patrick’s Day and I’ve also done Payroll for 7 years.

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Evelyn Mendoza- Credentialing Assistant 

I enjoy working in credentialing because not only do I have the opportunity to help our providers by taking a little bit of the weight off through every step, but I also get to help the patients by making sure that our providers are appropriately credentialed to help them to the best of their ability. My goal is to always make the credentialing process as smooth as possible for our providers. Fun Fact: I really enjoy being outdoors and going on nature walks. 

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Seraphina O’Leary – Operations Assistant 

What I love about my job is that every day is a new adventure. There hasn’t been a day that I’ve been bored. Also, everyone is always happy and friendly which is a huge plus.  A fun fact about me is I love puzzles. I will finish 1,000 pieces puzzles in less than a week, so I have to increase the pieces to 5,000. I am running out of space in my house.

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